Charles Huard

Rockstar of Revenue

Charles Huard brings 15+ years of sales experience to the table, being a rockstar at bringing in revenue for tech companies and startups.  When it comes to sales he’s seen and done it all: everything from cold-calling to account management, opening new sales channels and bringing products to market, spreading the gospel of new products, and the kitchen sink.

Over the course of his career Charles has brought in millions of dollars of revenue to companies he’s worked for, and grown small startups into big business.  He’s never met a stranger in his life, not afraid of rolling up his sleeves, and lives to solve problems.  Each day brings a new challenge at Wicked OSHA, to which his response is, "Bring It!"

When Charles isn’t hunting down new business and raking in revenue he can be found in his ‘man-cave’ restoring vintage European cars, and enjoying fine cigars.