Brent Colvin

Victor of Vision

Brent Colvin conceived Wicked OSHA during his work as a roofing contractor. For more than 14 years, Brent has been the owner of Ready Roofer, a Kansas-based premium roofing company. Brent started roofing in college and never looked back; his passion for the craft and entrepreneurship still burning bright today. He understands the challenges contractors face to maintaining safe worksites, because he’s lived it every day of his career.

What seemed like one of the worst days of his career – being hit with an expensive OSHA fine – was, in hindsight, an opportunity in disguise. It provided a learning experience to that helped him to envision a much simpler and less stressful way to help small and medium-sized contractors make their workplace much safer and OSHA compliant – wicked compliant, if you will.

He designed Wicked OSHA with the end-user in mind, treating every feature of the app with the same meticulous detail as his roofs, working to ensure every user would be highly satisfied with the experience.