Sewer Inspection Company Implements OSHA-Compliant Safety Program to Win More Municipal Jobs


A small business that specialized in camera-led sewer inspections and repair faced high potential hazards in their line of work. Their employees were largely remote, working on job sites more than 100 miles away from company offices and often overnight. This made it difficult for the business owners to be onsite at each job to ensure safety practices were being followed. The company was growing and the owners knew they wanted to advance their safety program. Additionally, the company often pursued municipal work and to obtain these jobs, they needed to be able to demonstrate OSHA-compliant practices.


The company began to implement an OSHA-compliant safety program on their own, but they were struggling with the consistent adoption of practices and managing the paperwork. Determined they could benefit from the Wicked OSHA app because their employees had a lot of downtime on the job site during drying and curing periods. This time was essentially lost productivity and could be better utilized to complete safety training on their mobile phones. Additionally, it would eliminate lost or late paperwork.


The sewer company employees embraced the new Wicked OSHA approach to safety. According to one of the company owners, “Prior to Wicked OSHA, we had to chase the regulations on paper, we had to have outside contractors come in and do the training for us, and this, Wicked OSHA, brought it to us versus us having to go get it.”

After getting their employees to adopt and use the Wicked OSHA app, they were able to build upon their strong safety foundation by hiring a safety consultant to conduct more advanced, in-person trainings and to cultivate newly appointed safety leaders on the team.

The company has now had an easier time bidding and obtaining new contracts because they have a clearly articulated OSHA compliant program.

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