Our Mission

Wicked OSHA was created to help small to mid-size contractors dramatically and easily improve workplace safety by making OSHA compliance simpler.

While we’ve worked to make our product fun and engaging, we know well that occupational safety is a serious topic. OSHA laws exist because on average, 15 workers die every day in occupational accidents. This sobering reality follows contractors to every job, no matter how many other times things have gone okay.

But, improving work site safety shouldn’t be a chore to dread. We’ve set out to make it so simple, convenient and cost-effective, there will be no reason not to do it.

Our Story

The Wicked Background

“Wicked” is a word with more than one meaning. In some parts of the country, it is used to add emphasis … as in, “That new digital OSHA app is wicked cool!”

At least, that was what we hoped you say when the idea for WickedOSHA first started bubbling, during a situation that was decidedly not wicked cool. WickedOSHA founder Brent had built a successful roofing company in operation for more than 20 years when he found himself facing a hefty OSHA violation. Like many contractors, Brent was simply implementing safety practices the way he had learned them. He never had a workplace injury and therefore, thought he was doing things the right way.

In the face of a substantial OSHA fine, he knew he needed help. He reached out to the local OSHA office, and the officials spent hours educating him. The safety information was priceless and would undoubtedly keep his employees safer. But the reality was, he was overwhelmed managing the amount of OSHA information and paperwork while at the same time running his business.

That was when the Wicked seed of a new and better way was planted. The vision of helping contractors make their workplaces safer with a digital OSHA compliance tool that was simple, convenient and paperless was brought to life with help from OSHA safety expert Marc McClure.


Wicked Experience

What happens when you bring together an experienced contractor and an OSHA safety expert? Why, we’re glad you asked! They’ll make an OSHA safety app that contractors will actually be excited to use.

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