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Why Wicked OSHA?

Safety, Done Better


"What’s OSHA?" —Non OSHA Compliant Worker


"We have regular safety meetings and try to stress safe practices." —OSHA Compliant Worker

Wicked Safe

"It’s easy to be 100% OSHA compliant, 100% of the time." —Wicked OSHA User

Wicked Good

The Details

Red circle icon representing one-click custom site safety plans with a line moving up and to the left with a "o" and "x" on the bottom left and top right side


One-click custom site safety plans

Red circle icon representing hundreds of trainings and resources for your line of work with a downward line arrow for downloads


Hundreds of trainings and resources for your line of work

Red circle icon representing stress-free digital document management with a simplistic pen or pencil going to the bottom left


Stress-free digital document management

Wicked OSHA "O" in OSHA representing convenient mobile training that gets done


Convenient mobile training that gets done!

Red circle icon representing built-in accountability and monitoring features with a arrow line going up and to the right after going slightly in a downward position prior


Built-in accountability and monitoring features

Red circle icon representing maintaining up-to-date safety records for every employee with a white simplistic person icon with a  circular head


Maintain up-to-date safety records for every employee

Screenshot of the Wicked OSHA app displaying the navigation leading to various pages and sections of the app

Simple, Paperless OSHA Compliance

No manuals or shuffling documents around. Our digital, guided process makes 100% OSHA compliance, 100% of the time easier than you ever dreamed.


Safety at Employees’ Fingertips

Employees download the app to view pertinent safety information and complete trainings wherever they are, whenever it works.

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Screenshot of Wicked OSHA pricing on a mobile device

Efficient and Affordable

Organized, streamlined safety programs for an affordable monthly subscription. (We think the time saved, fines avoided and lives protected are simply priceless.)

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What People Are Saying

Jeff Wells

Television Operator, CIT

All the information is right at my fingertips.

“Prior to Wicked OSHA, we had to chase the regulations on paper, we had to have outside contractors come in and do the training for us, and this, Wicked OSHA, brought it to us versus us having to go get it.”

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Brandon Lemons

Operations Manager, Ready Roofer

The accountability has been amplified on our job sites.

"Normally we would have to round everyone up and have weekly trainings, but now we can get people certified and trained on the go by pulling them up when completed and sign off from our phones or tablets.

The MSDS sheets were normally in a big binder that we would have to carry around, now they’re in a searchable database that fits in my hand."

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